The Origin Of Canadian Culture

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Canadian studies first emerged in the 1960s and evolved in the 1990s, it centered around analyzing Canada and the identity it projects. One element of Canadas national identity that has not changed over the years is the countries perceived love for the game of hockey. Many people associate hockey to this country and this allows for corporations like Nike, Bauer and others to attract consumers by enhancing this idea. Nike presented an ad surrounding their products, Team Canada, and youth hockey. This ad among many others creates a false representation of Canada and its citizens while projecting an image to increase their profits. I will be providing arguments proving my thesis such as the decline in this sports popularity, the creation of this imagined community and why corporations continue this practice. As evidence, works by Benedict Anderson and Michael A. Robidoux shall be mentioned at numerous points throughout this essay.
To begin, I will provide a brief historic context on hockeys popularity in Canada. The original roots to hockey have long been debated; some believe the game was first created in Canada, others believe it was created in Denmark while few push the idea that its creation took place in Britain. It grew to become a national past-time that many Canadians found themselves deeply invested in. It was a distraction from many aspects of life like the great depression and multiple wars. While the high level of this sports popularity in Canada may have been truth…
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