The Origin Of Celebrating Cultural Events

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The origin of celebrating cultural events in the world is as old as the history of human. In the previous eras, though there was not a cultural celebration at a huge level or platform, yet people promoted and disseminated their cultures in different ways. The history of Japan is extremely old as they habituated since centuries. Thus, the culture of Japan has also that centuries old touch. This cultural event Aki Masturi has its deep roots in the history of Japan.
Initially, the Annual Aki Matsuri event was celebrated last year. Local people participated in this event in order to promote the culture of Japan. However, with the passage of time, this event has undergone a lot of transformations. Today, the number of visitors and participants has radically increased. Also, the culture of Japan has adopted modern trends of living, so it can be said that this cultural activity has been internationalized in the present times. This cultural event is celebrated in Japan since hundreds of years. It is held annually and regarded as an extremely colorful event of Japan. During this event the streets are filled with several dancers, musicians, and singers. I was not at all uncomfortable during this experience and on a scale of 10, I would give myself 1. One particular reason for that is my keen interest in other cultures. I am always interested in knowing about other cultures and their traditions and values. Furthermore, my interaction with Japanese culture group has been really
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