The Origin Of Diversity Within Species

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According to Charles Darwin, he suggested that all organisms were descendants from a common ancestor that was once existed in the past (Darwin 1859). As organisms share a lot of common characteristics due to common ancestry, the history of evolution of different species can be known through comparing how closely their genes and body structures were. The more similar those characteristics are, the more closely related those species is. However there is a wide range of diversity between every single species and between every single individual. Diversification allows organisms to occupy different niches in the ecosystem. In this essay, the origin of diversity within species, the origin of diversity between the species, the significance of…show more content…
Every single individual will not be genetically identical unless they are identical twins. Variation within individuals could be caused my crossing over or independent assortment during the process of fusion of two gametes. !!!! Origin of diversity between species A common ancestor gave rise to all organisms on earth. However, every individual species developed their own distinct character that allows them to play a specific role in the ecosystem. Diversity is caused as species are being isolated by geographic barriers or by sexual selection. The diversity between species can be present as there is a difference in the species heritable trait. Those organisms that contain an advantageous allele that allows them to be better adapted to the environment survive and reproduce. As a result, the advantageous allele will be inherited by the offspring and the frequency of the advantageous allele will increase within the population. In the example of Strepsirhini, it was one of the linages that was evolved form the earliest primates together with tarsiers (e.g. monkeys and apes) (Hickman, et al. 2011). When Madagascar was separated from the southeast coast of Africa at about 120million years ago, the Madagasy prosimians where separated from the rest of the population of apes and monkeys. The Madagasy prosimians where geographically isolated form the rest of the primate population
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