The Origin Of Moral Sense By Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin is famous for his theories regarding evolution and natural selection. In his 1871 book, Charles Darwin explains the origin of morality through studying the behavior of various species. In his essay, “Origin of the Moral Sense” Charles Darwin uses his theory of evolution to explain the origin of morality through the study of animals, specifically mammals. Darwin’s main theory of the “Origin of the Moral Sense” is that humans have natural social instincts which in turn gives them a sense of naturally occurring morality. Darwin’s ideas surrounding morality and a natural social instinct have been echoed and added to by philosophers, almost a century later, David Barash and Robert Trivers. In his essay, the “Origin of Moral Sense” Charles Darwin explains the origin of morality and its relation to evolution. Darwin argues, that like animals, humans are descendants of natural selection. Darwin argues that not only our (meaning humans and animals) mental capacity evolved, so did our own moral sense. Darwin’s first point in the “Origin of Moral Sense” is that ethics occurs naturally amongst animals. Darwin believes that animals have a sense of sympathy and need to do the right thing ingrained in them. Although Darwin believes it is instinctual to “do good”, it does not apply to the same species, only species of the same kind. Darwin’s second point argues that past actions that are good will be ingrained within ourselves, so we will repeat the same action again. Darwin
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