The Origin Of My Passion For Helping Children From My Own Family History

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"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny" (C.S. Lewis, 1952). One must truly take time and consider what it means to make a difference in a child 's life. Whether underprivileged, advantaged, or minority, all children deserve an outlet. Behavioral, social, and emotional disorders affect many children, and some never receive help. Every child deserves the opportunity to have a childhood; they must receive support in order to thrive and be successful. The origin of my passion for helping children emanated from my own family history. I was born into a low-income family; the eldest daughter of two immigrant parents. My parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic, and barely spoke English. Being a young bride, my mother had her first child when she was just fourteen years old, and subsequently, bore four more children. My father worked menial jobs to make ends meet and support the family. Unfortunately, with little education or knowledge of the English language, these jobs yielded meager monetary earnings. As a child growing up in a Latin American household, you learn three vital lessons that give rise to personal success: dedication, consistency, and self-discipline. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic and dedication to family. Unfortunately, my parents let their strong work ethic take precedence over family. They were often absent when I was in elementary and middle school, leaving me to discipline myself.

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