The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin

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What is evolution? Are we really related to monkeys? What does religion have to say about the theory of evolution? These are questions that science is still trying to figure out. The simplest answer for the first question is that evolution is decent with modification. This means that, for example, the first humans used their wisdom teeth since they would eat hard and rough foods such as raw meat, nuts, leaves, etc. Now, humans don 't use those teeth anymore because we have softer foods, and even if it was hard, we have knives to cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier. We have evolved, changed over time. Now, we have a lot of evidence to prove that this is true. The evidence that supports evolution nowadays would be DNA testing and fossil records. The main book where we get out information about evolution is in "Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin. In his book, Darwin introduced the concept of evolution by natural selection. Natural selection is the process in which the organisms which are better suited for their environment. According to Darwin, there are four major points to natural selection. The first point is overproduction, indicating that more offspring survive, meaning the species would survive longer. Then, there 's genetic variation. The individual offspring that has the best traits will survive. After that, there 's the struggle to survive, and then there reproduction. If the best survive and will be able to reproduce, they will pass on their genetics to…
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