The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin

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Natural Selection.
Choose 10 vocabulary words from the chapter, ten minimum
Domestication-top adopt into a home, to accustom something.
Hereditary-transferable characteristic from a patent to offspring.
Insensibly-lacking sense or meaning.
Metaphorically-not to be taken literally.
Methodical-something done in a habitual way.
Personify-attributing human character to something inanimate
Polymorphic-different forms or types in organisms of the same species.
Potent-something of great power or influence.
Vigorous-healthy or strong.
Volition-choosing or making a decision.
1. The text was written by Charles Darwin, who is renowned for his theory of evolution. Besides his book The Origin of Species, he also wrote Voyage of the Beagle and The
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6. The text serves as a great example of someone who wouldn’t take just any answer. Reading Darwin’s theory and seeing how relentless he was in his ideas serves as a great example for anyone. Darwin’s ideas are stressed in early education so understanding his view is very simple. Reading Darwin’s text also shows how much of a critical thinker he was and how it is very valuable to have strong critical thinking skills.

1. Natural Selection is the name of Darwin’s theory. He named it this because of his early thoughts on how species branched out and that different species evolved over time because of changes in their environments and in order to adapt and survive.
2. Basically it came down to survival of the fittest. How species either were quick to adapt and survive or die off. Much like the theory on dinosaurs, how they didn’t adapt to drastic changes in the environment which led to their extinction.
3. Diversity allows for a more variety rather than just 1 or 2 options. As a species, when you have multiple options then you are more likely to survive, in most cases.
4. It takes long portions of time to become accustomed or adapt to drastic changes. Traits and characteristics are passed on from parents to offspring which better enable the offspring to survive. Much like we have transitioned over a long period of time from chariots, to steam power, to combustible engines, to
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