The Origin Of Species By Georges Cuvier

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Humanity is now able to view the world with the idea that everything is changing, and many of those changes are for the worst. Thanks to the "father of paleontology" Georges Cuvier, people on Earth begin to see that every animal that has lived on Earth is still living. Scientists before Cuvier were under the perception that every creature had a divine purpose on Earth and was just another cog in the machine that made the Earth function. Cuvier, through the identification of fossils, was able to identify different species by using small distinctions in their anatomy. With the identification of many large animal bones around the world found, but no living specimens found, Cuvier concluded that these animals must be especes perdues, or lost species.…show more content…
Lamarck theorized that all organisms strive for survival through a perfect place in their world. This was accomplished with organisms passing down certain traits to their young so that they are better equipped for survival. This would become a fundamental concept for Charles Darwin and his book The Origin of Species. In this book, Charles Darwin comes up with the idea that these traits passed down genetically are the difference between a species surviving or dying off. The offspring that gain these genetic advantages are now the dominant species and have evolved to become better equipped to survive in their particular environment. This idea of natural selection determines what species are able to live and what species die. But how do you humans fit into the idea of natural…show more content…
Humans themselves no longer follow natural selection or evolution. This is because they have risen to the top of the world's hierarchy and does what no other organism does, breaking "the peace keeping laws." These law as discussed in Ishmael, are followed by every organism on the planet except humans. The main parts that humans break are that humans "exterminate their competitor...(and) deny their competitors access to food(Quinn 126)." With humans eliminating their competition, it means that with no natural predators and an advantage over its competition, humans are nearly impossible to kill off. Most animals are either killed off by competition or by not being able to adapt to their changing environment. Because the world has arguably entered the geological age known as the Anthropocene, humans now have a greater impact on the environment than it has on humans. With humans having such a great impact on the Earth and humans being nearly impossible to kill off, what does this mean for everything
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