The Origin Of Syrian Heritage

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The very origin of Syrian heritage is dominated by foreign empires—Assyrians, British, Egyptians, French, Hittites, Macedonian Greeks, Mongols, Persians, Romans, and Turks. The power of the aforementioned foreign empires greatly influenced the development of Syria. Just in the last three hundred and fifty years, the political rule in Syria has shifted several different times—from the Ottomans to the Assyrians, from the Assyrians to the British and French, from the British and French to the Baath Party, from the Baath Party to the United Arab Republic, and from the United Arab Republic to the rule of Assad. The Syrian economy in the sixteenth century was mainly supported by agriculture and military pursuits, while advances in the nineteenth century allowed for an economic growth boosted by energy and mineral resources—electrical generation, mining, nuclear energy, and oil and natural gas—and industry and manufacturing. During the last five centuries, Syria has been occupied by Christians (Catholic, Orthodox, and others), Druze, Jews, Kurds, Shia Muslims (Alawis, Ismailis, and others), Sunni Muslim Arabs, and Yazidis. Despite that, Syrian society has still been overwhelmingly Muslim. While the development of economics and religion have changed Syrian history immensely, the development of politics has been the driving force in Syrian evolution. The economic advances throughout Syrian history are closely linked to the political changes occurring within each different
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