The Origin Of The English Language

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Every language has its own history that defines its origin, how it developed, who re its key speakers, its evolution & transformational phase and lastly what it is the present stage of that langue. There are many languages that were spoken in the word centuries back but today it has no speakers. Beside this every language is associated with any specific region, country, religion, culture or its speakers that actually develops or with the passage of time change or revolutionaries the language. The history of any language defines its origin, present time and the etymology of the words being spoken in that language and how they have change with the passage of time. For my paper, I will be focusing on the history of English language and will cover the following aspects; What is the origin of the English language by defining its history How English language has changed with the passage of time, and Is the change in the English language positive or not English is actually amongst those languages that are widely spoken and it is considered amongst those languages that are rated as “International Language”. In many of the countries where English is not their national or mother language yet it is being spoken by the people of that country and even it is the most important language of the educational system of the country especially the developing countries. If we look at the history of English language then we have to move back to the 5thcentury AD, when the Britain was
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