The Origin Of The Haqqani Network

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This paper covers the origins of the Haqqani network. This document describes the Operational Environment of the Haqqani network and their leadership structure. This document explains the Haqqani network objectives, and the methods they are using to accomplish their goals. The Haqqani network would be unable to accomplish their goals without external support, which comes from Pakistan. Pakistan has a role in supporting the Haqqani network by providing military assistance. The Haqqani network is using direct action techniques in order to achieve their goals. The Haqqani network had one type of leadership until recent. Some of these leaders are a replacement for those that have been captured, killed, or are too ill to perform. The Haqqani…show more content…
The Haqqani network forms their ideology from Hizb-i-Islami and the Taliban. The Haqqani network’s main goal is to drive foreign military power and influence out of Afghanistan permanently. Pakistan is the largest supporter of the Haqqani network. Pakistani military and the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISID) are supporting the group by refusing to take military action. The Pakistani military feels that the Haqqani network is a useful ally due to their actions in Afghanistan. Pakistan is now in the process of banning the Haqqani network. However, without active support this will be ineffective. “Recent statements by Sartaj Aziz, the adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, also indicate that the Pakistani government is not serious about tackling the Haqqani network. In mid-November, Aziz said Pakistan should not “make enemies” out of groups such as the Haqqani network, and that the Afghan Taliban was Afghanistan’s problem, not Pakistan’s.” (Roggio, 2015). The Haqqani network uses bombings, kidnappings, and assassinations as their methods of attack. However, the Haqqani network is shifting from direct attacks and use of suicide bombers due to ineffectiveness on their targets. The main effort now is to destabilize the governing power, and prevent reconstruction. “Haqqani fighters are attempting to destabilize governance and reconstruction efforts from the inside while continuing to operate on the periphery and around

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