The Origin Of The Haqqani Network

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This paper covers the origins of the Haqqani network. This document describes the Operational Environment of the Haqqani network and their leadership structure. This document explains the Haqqani network objectives, and the methods they are using to accomplish their goals. The Haqqani network would be unable to accomplish their goals without external support, which comes from Pakistan. Pakistan has a role in supporting the Haqqani network by providing military assistance. The Haqqani network is using direct action techniques in order to achieve their goals. The Haqqani network had one type of leadership until recent. Some of these leaders are a replacement for those that have been captured, killed, or are too ill to perform. The Haqqani network Area of Operation is southeast Afghanistan and southwest Pakistan. This document discusses the different types of conditions and their effects in these areas. Some of the conditions that you will learn about in this document have a positive impact on the human intelligence teams in the area, while other conditions have a negative impact. This document describes how the human intelligence teams may mitigate the effects of these conditions, or eliminate these conditions in order to achieve their goals.

Haqqani Network
To counter the negative effects of the Haqqani network in Afghanistan, the United States forces need to develop effective responses to eliminate or mitigate favorable conditions that allow the Haqqani network to…
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