The Origin Of The Jews After The Babylonian Exile

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Chapter One Introduction

The word ‘Diaspora’ derives from the Greek ‘Diasperien’ i.e. “dia” (through) and “sperien” (to scatter). According to Webster’s dictionary, Diaspora refers to “dispersion” so we can say that the word represents a centre called home from where the dispersion occurs. In addition to it the dictionary it also associates the meaning with the dispersion of the Jews after the Babylonian exile. Thus we get two meanings of the word Diaspora- as a spread of population and a forcible dispersal. However the term Diaspora doesn’t mean any nomadic existence, though it suggests a movement from one place to another, but it’s not a nomadic existence because it is somewhere a journey, however that does not mean all journey can be understood as that of a Diaspora. As in Diaspora does not mean causal travel, even though diasporic journeys are mainly about settling down and about having roots elsewhere.
Thus, the concept of Diaspora has different meanings to different people according to their different circumstances. For instance, when the Jews were exiled from the Babylon, they were uprooted from their own homes and they had to rebuild their community and culture all over again, for them the diaspora had different meaning since it was forced. But today the meaning of Diaspora could be limited to any community of a particular nation outside its own country, sharing some common bonds that eventually give the community a new identity within their existing identity,
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