The Origin Of The Universe

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The Origin the Universe was explained over centuries by different people and in different parts of the world. The African myths of Bumba, Bishop Usher (Book of Genesis), Greek philosopher Aristotle’s explanation of eternal universe, German philosopher Immanuel Kant thesis and anti-thesis about the beginning or eternal universe all tried to explain the origins or eternal existence of Universe. Later part of 20th century many scientific theories were more convincing explanations for of the origin of Universe.
Einstein Theory formulated the General Theory of Relativity that relates to space, time and gravity. Willem de Sitter, Aleksandr Friedmann and Georges Lemaitre later applied Theory of Relativity to the Universe and confirmed that the Universe could be expanding. Vesto Slipher observed that galaxies were moving from us than approaching us. Edwin Hubble discovered that universe was smaller in the past and has been expanding. The Big Bang Theory states that the universe began by expanding from a small volume to a large volume with high density and temperature. It carried out matter as the planet became larger. Einstein describes how the Theory of Relativity was used to support the Big Bang Theory. Einstein explained that the matter in the universe is expanded and contracted with the fabric of space.
The discovery of quasars finally supported the Big Bang Theory and proved the Steady State theory was weaker. The quasars supported the Big Bang theory by discovering that there…
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