The Origin Of Veterinary Profession

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There is a lot I have been wondering about the veterinary profession so that is what I chose to do my research paper on. Some topics I am doing it on are the origin of veterinary profession, what a typical veterinarian day looks like, what kinds of animals should I know how to take care of and also how to treat them, what a vet technician does, and steps to help me become a veterinarian. Now the first topic is the origin of veterinary profession. The veterinary profession is puzzling. How did anyone even think to treat animals how we treat humans? It started in 9000 BC. They were the first people we know of to ever use the veterinary profession. They were mostly from the Middle East Countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, and Iraq. The Sheep Herders had a strong understanding of medical skills. Which they used their medical skills on dogs and other animals. From 4000-3000 BC the Egyptians took earlier medical skills and made further advancements. The historical records show how they used herbs to treat and promote good health in tamed animals. Then in 3000 BC Urlugaledinna lived in Mesopotamia and was considered an expert on healing animals. In 1761 Claude Bourgelat founded a veterinary school in Lyon, France. In 1785 the British veterinary profession began. Veterinarians used to be mainly for horses then evolved to cattle, livestock than dogs and now companion and exotic animals. Another topic I 'd like to talk about is a typical
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