The Origin of Modern Christmas and the Myth of the Tooth Fairy

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When Sir Bob of Schneizereindeer returns from Zimbabwe, his knights organizes a meeting to tell Sir Bob some terrible news. His wife, Queen Phaedra, has been taken away by a dragon and locked up in its castle.
As the bravest knight in all of Schneizereindeer, Sir Bob undoubtedly chooses to go on an adventure to save his lover from the devilish dragon. From where Sir Bob’s from, every knight possesses a special ability, and for Bob, he could fly.
Sir Bob wastes no time and packs up for his journey to the notorious Dragon Tower. On his way, he meets a peasant shivering on the ground. Sir Bob descends.
“State your name, peasant,” says Sir Bob.
“I am Sir Nez of Caca, and you are?”
Sir Bob beheads him immediately because Sir Nez is the most …show more content…

“Hey! Act like a knight! Here’s what happened: I was working on a regular tooth fairy day, taking kids’ teeth from all around the world. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, no other flying men in black suits mugged me and brought me to a dark room. While I was trying to figure out what had happened, they came in and dragged me into a van, and there was where everything started. They told me that Santa Claus had gone MIA during Christmas Eve, and my mission was to locate him and to bring him back. They gave me a new identity and made marry you because you had the money and power we needed to locate Santa to save Christmas. There weren’t any news until two weeks ago. There were reports of Santa being spotted here in Schneizereindeer while you were gone. That’s when you became worthless to us so I left. I’m sorry.”
Sir Bob sighs and walks to the tooth fairy, holding her hands he said, “I also have a confession to make. I am Santa. I quit because I really got tired of doing my job for I had to work 24-7 every year and everyone took it for granted. I figured that nobody would really understand my importance and appreciate my work unless I somehow disappear and ruin Christmas for a year. But now that you found me, I guess your job was to bring me back and save Christmas again. Go ahead, cuff me, I won’t blame you for it.”

Tooth Fairy steps up and grasps Santa hand and says to him, “I know exactly

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