The Origin of Species

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In 1859, a time when literal interpretation of the Bible was common practice, a book that could potentially debase society’s understanding of what was fact was published and it summarized a theory that humans have slowly evolved from a primitive form, commonly called the Theory of Evolution.(Kennedy Pg.572) The book titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life was written by an English naturalist and geologist, Charles Darwin, and it overcame the scientific rejection that earlier similar theories had faced. Leading up to his publication during the Protestant Reformation Darwin went on a five-year-long voyage on the HMS Beagle as company to Captain Robert…show more content…
(Newman, Letter) Another event that led to Darwin’s controversial writing were the discoveries he made from his documentation on his long voyage on the HMS Beagle where he did all of his research and discoveries written about in his book. One of his first discoveries that linked evolution to living creatures left him with more of an inquiry than an answer or discovery. He noted the geographical distribution of the modern species of a fossil he found while ashore resembling a huge armadillo in hopes of finding their “centre of creation.” ( ) He extensively edited his research and added his findings until the original book was completed and finally published on Thursday, November 24th, 1859 and all copies being sold were immediately bought up by booksellers. During Darwin’s lifetime he published 6 different editions of the book and the one that really shook society what the final writing published February 19th, 1872, the 6th edition titled the Origin of Species (this is when the title was shortened from its original length) in which was the only time he used the word ‘evolution’; though, however, every edition concluded with the word ‘evolved’. The most notable change to this newly published edition of Darwin’s book was a chapter 7 titled Miscellaneous objections that addressed any objections that were sure to come from opposition of his Theory of Evolution. The immediate significance of Darwin’s book were tremendous mostly due to hostile reactions to, what seemed to
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