The Origin of The Species by Charles Darwin Essay

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Darwinism is a theory developed by Charles Darwin with the help of many others. It states that natural selection is the most common cause of evolution. All species of organisms arise and grow through the natural selection of inherited variations that help increase the individual's ability to survive and reproduce in its environment.
1735 Carolus Linnaeus: He believed that God had created the world in a divine order from the simplest creatures up to human beings. He said God created struggle and competition to maintain the balance of nature. He was the one who classified species according to their similarities and differences. Linnaeus also observed plants from other parts of the world and saw there transformation when they grew in his
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These ideas were used by Darwin to help come up with the idea of natural selection. Buffon’s evidence was very similar to the evidence he found on his voyage. Buffon’s writings were used as evidence for Darwin when he presented to other scientists his findings while on the Beagle voyage.
1767 Georges Cuvier: He developed a theory about catastrophes and how fossils show that animal and plant species are destroyed by time and time again by floods and other natural disasters thus becoming extinct. From this, new life forms moved in from other areas. His widespread study of fossils helped him understand that certain fossils were linked with certain rock layers. This meant that there was a possibility of placing the layers in order by age of fossils. Cuvier was amongst the first to examine fossils from dinosaurs and recognized that animals in the distant past were different from today. He hypothesized that factors of change such as catastrophes must cause evolution. Cuvier’s idea of there being more than one ancestry for species helped shape Darwin's views of Natural Selection.
1795 James Hutton: He published a set of theories explaining the geology of the earth which explained the concept of the Earth gradually changing over time. This came to be known as gradualism. Darwin specifically applied Hutton’s concept of gradual change to his model of how species evolved. Since Earth is constantly changing, organisms must be changing too.
1798 Thomas Robert Malthus: He