The Original Position And The Veil Of Ignorance

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1. Explain Rawls on the original position and the veil of ignorance. State Rawls’ two principles of justice. Explain why persons in the original position would choose each of the two principles.
Explain Rawls on the original positions and the veil of ignorance: Rawls’ idea of the original position is to set up a fair procedure so that any principles agreed to by society will be just principles. His original position is an initial situation where the parties are without information that enables them to tailor principles of justice that would be favorable to themselves personally. He uses the notion of pure procedural justice as a basis for his theory. His intent with the original position is to describe an agreement that is fair among all the parties to a hypothetical social contract. He assumes that if the people who are developing the social contract approach it fairly, free of bias and predisposition, then the principles that they would agree to would be as fair as possible. The two principles of justice that Rawls uses in his original position are intended to develop a procedure which will incorporate pure procedural justice which will result in absolute fairness to all citizens without regard to wealth, family name, race, sex, age, etc… Rawls’ “veil of ignorance” is his method for stripping away information from the decision making process that would prejudice the outcome by introducing inequalities (i.e. wealth, age, etc…). His veil aims to QUOOOOTE
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