What Is The Original Purpose Of Greek And Roman Mythology

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wen Lyons
Professor O’Nolan
English One Honor
August 18, 2015
1. The original purpose of Greek and Roman Mythology was “supposed to show us the way the human race thought and felt ages ago.”
2. The thoughts and imagination of the people helped fuel the stories of Mythology.
3. The types of stories that existed prior to mythology were poems, and the apparent element was, in my opinion, imagination.
4. The “Greek Miracle” was expressing “the new birth of the world with the awakening of Greece”
5. In Egypt the gods were portrayed as “a towering colossus immobile, beyond the power of the imagination to endow with movement, as fixed in the stone.” In Mesopotamia the gods were “Bas-relief of bestial shapes unlike any beast ever known.”
6. The inspiration for gods was modeled after the world around them.
7. The Greeks were made to be similar to human beings because “Human gods naturally made heaven a pleasantly familiar place.”
8. The Greek Mythology stories became rational due to the fact that no matter who, they realized tat even if it’s very unrealistic it takes place in an actual place giving it the ability to be “rational”.
9. An allegory is a representation of a spiritual meaning through material forms. Hercules was an allegory because “He fought the monsters and freed the Earth from them just as Greece freed the earth from the monstrous idea of the unhuman supreme over the human.”
10. Myths are seen as a form of science because some myths represent gods or
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