The Original Stage Gate Process

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The original stage gate process was development in 1980s by Robert G. Cooper based on in-deep investigation of some successful businesses, as they were able to launch successful products into the market (Cooper, 2014). The purpose of stage-Gate process is to improve the speed and quality of execution of the development activities for new product that enable project teams to have the correct information, with the right level of detail, at the right gate to help making the best decision, and allocate capital and operating resources (Stage-Gate, 2015). The aim of this article is to investigate how the stage gate process function, analyse its strengths and weaknesses, explain the main activities involved and finally make comparison among…show more content…
Therefore the more information available the less risky it would be for the product to fail when it goes into the market and the organization can be able to make more profit out of it. When passing through each gate, there are 3 goals that the project should meet which are: quality of execution assurance, business rational evaluation, and project plan and resources approval (Stage-Gate, 2015). The gates contain 3 elements that are deliverables, criteria and outputs where the deliverables are input for the review on the gate such as team member’s contribution (Grönlund, Sjödin and Frishammar, 2010). When moving from one stage to the next there should have requirement to reach the key criteria at each gate (Newey, Verreynne, and Griffiths, 2012). These criteria can be used as a guideline for the decision maker to decide whether the project is going to proceed or not. Some examples for these criteria are monetary reward, competitive advantage, core competencies and so on and so forth (Stage-Gate, 2015). Last but not least output is the actual result of the gate review that should include the decision for the project to continue or termination and an execution plan contain date and deliverables for the next level gate review (Stage-Gate, 2015). 2 Strengths and weaknesses 2.1 Strengths The most obvious advantage of applying the stage gate process is that it provide a
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