The Originality Of J Dilla 's Work

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Edith Wharton once said “True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision.” The word ‘original’ is commonly misinterpreted in society. Its used to describe something new and not seen before. Though that definition may be correct, it is only a fragment of the actual meaning. Originality is the basic idea for something different. In order for something such as music or artwork to be ‘original’ it needs to be unique. Not always necessarily something new. This misconception is seen a lot in the controversies of artists. People begin attacking certain music or artwork because it has been derived from another piece and it’s not considered ‘original’. One controversy that has been argued is the originality of J Dilla’s work. All originality is engendered in the vision of an artist. J Dilla shows a new vision for his music therefore expressing a unique and original style. Webster defines the word ‘Original’ as “A document, film, painting, etc., which is created by someone and from which a copy or translation is made.” Original art is art that has been created or transformed in one way or another. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something new and out of the ordinary. It can be a translation that has been derived from another piece of work. People believe the misconception that if something is completely new or different it is plagiarized or in common terms “unoriginal. ” We see this misconception with the artist J Dilla who is accused for stealing artwork from

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