The Origins And Development Of The Canadian And American Health Care System

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Chapter 10 Cracks in the foundation: The origins and development of the canadian and american health care system


Tommy Douglas was recognized a significant leader in Canadian history. His presceptions about Canadian health care impacts many throughout the nation. People call Tommy Douglas as the father of Medicare. however , the Supreme Court of Canada governed The Canada Health Act and the provincial legislation that they do not guarantee Canadians to receive funding for all medical treatments.Canadian citizens were conlificated by knowing that this comprehensive system would serve the needs of all including there health care with ease. moreover, after the late 20s canadians differentiate themselves from americans and compared the health care system too. overall, the cracks in the health system are some of the most historical artiifcats in our health care system.

The Demographic and Social Origins of North America Health and Health Care (1700-1900)

the demographic and the social organs of both the united states of american and canada evolved quite similarly. the canadian and the american governments health care system sits under the federal system in which those split amongst national and local govemenrt. These two federal subunits are separated to distinguish between the welfare state and the dominance of a liberal political tradion. These units determine the demographic and socially of both contours. since both countries were built by immigrants…

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