The Origins Of European Exploration Essay

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European Exploration Approximately 1300-1550 European Exploration really began to become a big deal in the 1400s but without the 1300s and a few years before, the big picture would not be seen. There were a few instances of explorers “finding” or colonizing an area before the 1400s. These seem to be left out when talking about the era of European exploration. I feel that this is because the people after them made a bigger impact to be remembered. The years of the 1300s should still be included, because this was the beginning of all the exploration. Europeans had many reasons to explore the world and try to find new land. One of the reasons being technology and knowledge were greater than they had ever been which made it an easier task to explore. Technology gave possibilities of not getting lost as easy, knowing where to head toward, and many others. Cartography, the art and science of map making, was created in the early 1400s. This made maps more relevant and usable. Knowledge grew with the more exploring that happened. The more land that was discovered by explorers, the more accurate the maps got. This gave everyone more knowledge on the rest of the world and also reconsidered the idea of trade routes and how to make them better. Trade routes were very much wanted around the 1400s. This is when merchants and crusaders brought many different goods to Europe from numerous other countries. This made the desire for trade greater because they wanted more of the products.
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