The Origins Of Jazz Into Hiphop

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This semester we have learned about various artists that come from different genres. Learning about the Origins of Jazz into Hiphop was interesting. There are a lot of similarities between many of the artists back then with the artists of this time period. It was interesting learning about how much the music related to the social causes happening around certain time periods. It is almost as if music became a problem free zone for musicians of that time; it was an escape. Of the various artists there are three that come to my mind when I think about their influence to their time period as well as their influences to future times periods. These artist included, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, and Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley was an important Rock and Roll artist of his time period. He was known for being a rebel and supposedly causing white people to rebel as blacks did. Rock and Roll itself was known as the rebel’s music. It was a controversial genre that wired up young Americans. Regardless of the artist, Rock and Roll was thought of being the reason why the youth was being corrupted. Critics would try to sensor the music, but failed. By the late 1960s, rock music was the accepted musical vocabulary of young people world wide. Rock and Roll gave shape to the cultural movements going on around the world. In the United States, rock and roll music could no longer ignore social conditions. Artists had to start contributing to the events going on around them as part of their

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