The Origins Of Schizophrenia, And Greek And Latin Texts Essay

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Introduction History. Some of the earliest evidence of schizophrenia were seen in the Bible, and Greek and Latin texts. In the Bible, people were accused of being demonically possessed or holy based on the visions they saw (if visions involved Jesus). In Greek mythology, individuals were said to be punished by the Gods of they had symptoms of schizophrenia. Between years 1450-1830 in Europe, and North and South America, people were accused of being witches; similarly, in France, people were thought to have reverted to beasts. Most early treatments ranged from exposure to music and philosophy to torture and killings. However, in Egypt, schizophrenia was seen as a disease of the heart and uterus caused by pus, poop, or demons. While the Egyptians were incorrect in their diagnosis of the root cause of schizophrenia, at least they treated it as a medical issue. While there was confirmation of the existence of schizophrenia, the prevalence was never noted because of stigmas and how difficult it was to diagnose. Many symptoms could be confused with symptoms of drunkenness, drug usage, and even other Major Depressive Disorders. It was not until the late 1800s and mid 1900s that Schizophrenia was adequately addressed. Emil Kaepelin in 1899 called Schizophrenia “Dementia praecox” and defined three main criteria: (1) cognitive deficit, (2) motor dysfunction, and (3) terminal state of deterioration. In 1920, Eutene Bleuler began calling the illness “Schizophrenia” and added basic
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