The Origins Of The And Riel Rebellion

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The Métis/ Riel rebellion is one that echoes in Canadian history. It is the cause for much distress on both the rebel and the side of the government of Canada. This tail includes different rebellions which intertwine together; the Red River Rebellion, and the North West Rebellion. The Red River rebellion itself dates back to 1869 and ended in 1870, while the North West Rebellion occurred in 1885; which was a quick and deadly revolution (New, 2002:826). The lead up to these historic event date back much earlier than 1869. Multiple events collided together resulting with the people in what is known today as Manitoba, coming together and revolting against the Canadian Government. All in which that dates back to the 1850’s. Throughout this…show more content…
The settlers had come to the West to enter the fur trade, and began to create families with their Native American wives. A Métis is an individual who is made up by a having both Native, and a European blood in their ancestry line (Asch, 1984:5). The Métis are the people that primarily made up the Red River Colony, along with the French Catholic citizens that immigrated over. By the 1950’s the Hudson Bay Company; HBC, has started to endure many attempts from Canada, the United States, and Britain to take over its land; resulting in Canada becoming the victor by buying Rupert’s Land three years after confederation. The final sale price was $1.5 million which made up the largest real estate transition by land area in Canada’s history. (Bumsted, 06) It is at this time that chaos begins to ensue across Rupert’s Land and with those that dwell within its borders. Protestants begin to flood the land, each bringing their culture and heritage with them. With each new member immigrating to the newly brought land, the fears its original habitant’s loss of heritage grew. Land that was once owned by the francophone, Métis and aboriginal settlers slowly became tainted by their new Protestant neighbours. The neither British crown nor Canadian government made any attempt to put their mind at ease, and help them with their fear of losing everything they hold dear; instead they chose to act as if Rupert’s land had no previous inhabitants. By 1969 an individual by the name of Louis Riel

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