The Origins Of The Internet And Future Developments

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The Origins of the Internet and Future Developments
Tamara Smith
Southern New Hampshire University
IT-505 The internet has grown from a few nodes to a massive interconnecting system that helped to connect millions of people. The global reach of the internet and its ability to expand at an exponential rate, makes the internet one of the biggest tools created for commercial use. This paper will focus on how the internet was started and how it has developed since the start, growing and changing from the ARPANET into the internet of today. The internet has developed since its conception to include not only computers but mobile devices as well to connect people and expand the global presence for businesses and their ability to reach millions through online advertisements and sales. The internet was started as a concept with the help of the government to help the flow of communication to the computer science research community.
J.C.R. Licklider of MIT was the first person to describe that social interaction could be achieved through networking. He wanted the world to become interconnected by set of computers through which everyone could access data and programs (PBS, 1999). Licklider worked for the DARPA program has a lead computer researcher in 1962. While working at DARPA he convinced Ivan Sutherland, Bo Taylor, and Lawrence Roberts of the importance of his networking idea (Strickland, 2008). In 1964 Leonard Kleinrock published the first book on packet…
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