The Origins Of The Origin Of Mathematics

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The Origins of Mathematics
The Origins When and where is the origins of mathematics?
The origins of mathematics accompanied the evolution of social systems in many ways. The social development of any society requires some sort of calculation and number system. In the same way, the arithmetic operations are essential for the development and interaction between people. Words that describe numbers and operations that enable calculations are the basis for survival. The need to count how many animals where available for hunting, and the number of people that needed to be feed are just examples of the needs faced by a pre-historic man. All this require the need to develop words, sounds, or gestures that could be used to describe the numbers of objects and animals, also they had to develop a type of a counting system that could have allowed them to make the most basic mathematical operations, for example equal sharing of food. That can explain why the need of mathematics was so important just from the beginning of times, and how it has been the binding element that kept the early humans together and help them to coexist and develop into what we are today. Since the invention of a numbers and counting systems occurred when people started to live together and formed the first human society, mathematical scenes was the link that helped them to for societies and to develop a type of communication system and in a way help them to establish the first trading system which in turn,
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