The Origins Of The West East Essay

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Mesopotamia, the region located between Euphrates and Tigris Rivers (presently called lraq), is mostly termed as the cradle of civilization because it is known to be the principle place where compound urban centers developed. Nevertheless, the account of “Mesopotamia is inseparably tied to the larger region which constitutes the contemporary nations of Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, the Gulf Skates, Lebanon, and Israel” (Hunt 23). The greater Mesopotamia is often termed as Near East or simply the Middle East. The history of prehistorically Near East is very complicated and the names of locations and rulers are mostly difficult to read, spell, and even pronounce. Furthermore, the Near East is the part of the globe which today remains remote from the West in terms of culture while political pressures have hampered collective understanding. Despite the complexity of the names and rulers once a person gets the overall geography of the greater region and its antiquity, the art exposes itself as exceptionally intimate, beautiful, and charming in its complexity. The focus is to demonstrate how important it is to know the history of near East and its empires in order to comprehend the history of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire as well as history of the Greeks.
Near East remains an area of unambiguous geographical contrasts through enormous deserts rimmed by rocky and rough mountain ranges disrupted by lush oases. Rivers flow through the topography and most of the water
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