The Origins Of The World

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Viking, the word conjures up images of well built men with long hair and braided beards wearing firs and horned helmets, holding axes and shields, ready to battle so they can return home to consume bountiful feasts. The word brings to mind fanciful stories like Beowulf where these very same men fight beasts after a night of stuffing their gullets and consuming large amounts of mead. There are so many stories about these warriors that many of them have become legendary individuals, but there is so little information about the people who provided the food to keep the so powered up, the people who provided the nourishment for the rest of their community while the warriors plundered and defended their honor. There is little known about the farmers. There is even less known about these unsung heroes around the time that Christianity took over the Norse culture. A group of researchers that took part in a study in Skagafjörður Iceland was determined to change that. Iceland has some of the richest Viking history, next to The Netherlands, so the fact that the people living there would want a more in depth history makes sense. Murphy and Zoëga took a special interest in a small site in the project, to see how the common non-warrior Viking lived their lives. They wanted to know more about the people history forgot to mention, to breathe the life back into the people who time almost forgot, the people whose story did not get told, the people Viking warriors would have not even existed

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