The Origins Of Yahweh 's Wife

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Ancient Israel has always been polytheistic, the people have always believed in multiple gods. The Deuteronomist would want his readers to believe otherwise. The worship of one god is fairly new. Especially, in comparison to how worship had gone in Canaan for centuries before hand. In addition to worshiping this new god Yahweh they worshiped him alongside Baal, Asherah, and many other gods alongside them. The origins of Yahweh have been under speculation for years by biblical scholars and archaeologist. No matter the origins even the Deuteronomist who tries so hard to erase the residue of the other gods and mark them as evil he, cannot keep all his readers in the dark. “Books of I and II Samuel and I and II Kings demonstrates that the worship of Yahweh 's wife, Asherah, did not die out but remained a part of ritual and cult throughout the monarchies and until the conquest of Judah, that is, from circa 1000 to 586 B.C.” Many scholars such as William H. Dever would like to argue that Asherah was somewhat as Yahweh’s wife or consort.
Where does Asherah come from?
Asherah was one of the three great goddesses of Canaanite worship even before Yahweh. In Canaanite religion, her primary role was the mother goddess. In mythological texts from the Late Bronze Age, her consort was known as the god El or creator. El is also referred to as father and Asherah is referred to as mother. We hear about Asherah in the bible and even though she is associated with polytheistic religions. Even…

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