The Origins of Bigfoot Essay examples

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What did the early American pioneers see when traveling the uninhabited wilderness of the early 1800’s? Could they have be seeing a black bear standing momentarily on its hind legs or was it actually what we now call Bigfoot today (“The Canadian Encyclopedia”). The origin of Bigfoot dates even further back to Native American myths portraying a large aggressive ape like animal walking on its hind legs eating children and animals (“New World Encyclopedia”). Since then there have been thousands of reports of supposed Bigfoot sightings including footprints, photos, videos and the actual carcass of a deceased Bigfoot. For over 80 years scientist have been discrediting the thought of the existence of Bigfoot, but throughout time scientist have…show more content…
Although the specifics of Bigfoot may be vague, almost every culture has had its own stories regarding the human-like creatures that roam the world.
Throughout the years of Sasquatch sightings all of them vaguely gave a similar description of what we think we know what the animal looks like today. Sasquatch has very long arms with an ape like face and a flat noise. Its footprints can range between 16-20 in. An adult Sasquatch can be as tall as 11ft while a juvenile Sasquatch is about 7ft tall (Lindemans). They are known to have several inches of reddish brown or black hair with an occasional patch of white or grey hair (“Bigfoot Sasquatch”). Sasquatch is heard to make a distinct hair rising howl or scream (“Animal Planet”). Habitats are normally remote mountains to state wooded parks or swampland but there has been few exceptions where they have been spotted on public highways (“Bigfoot Habitat”). Dr Nina G. Jablonski says, "Apes are big bodied creatures but more importantly they have big brains. In order to supply their brains with energy, they need to eat very nutrient rich foods. How can these animals live in an area with such poor high quality foods”(“HowStuffWorks”). The description of Sasquatch and its habitat is derived from a collaboration of thousands of eyewitness reports from the entire continent, some of astounding length and detail.
There have been hundreds of sightings of Sasquatch but the first sighting was by white men in 1811.
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