Essay about The Origins of the Cold War

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The Origins of the Cold War

The Cold War was a state of extreme hostility and confrontation but without direct militant action between the two world powers, the USSR and the USA. The USSR and the USA were originally wartime Allies during the Second World War; however a string of events and issues caused a built up of suspicion and distrust which finally escalated to what was known as the Cold War. The start of Cold War can be simply defined as the period of time whereby both powers were simultaneously hostile to each other and the idea of peaceful cooperation could not exist anymore.

Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech was a warning of Soviet influence beyond Eastern Europe. Churchill believed
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The Truman Doctrine was an open and direct confrontation of the Soviets. In it, the Soviets were accused of ‘political oppression’, ‘suppression of personal freedoms’ and were even perceived as ‘evil’ by the Americans. Under the Doctrine, the US policy was to support people who resisted attempted subjugation by ‘outside pressure’ which meant the Soviets. The US felt the need to assist the ‘free’ people against the spread of Communism and saw the Soviets as a threat and an enemy. This was the first concrete and coherent American foreign policy towards the USSR. There was no immediate official response from the Soviet government. However, a few months later, the Soviet ‘Two Camps Speech’ emerged stating Soviet stand to American aggression. It stated officially that the USSR was anti- democracy. Also the need to prevent Western powers’ desire to dominate the world was emphasized; therefore the policy of cooperation between the Socialist and Liberal parties would cease to exist. Communist parties in Western European countries were told to adopt a militant anti-government stance. The USSR was no longer keen on peaceful cooperation and acknowledged the fact that the Americans and the Soviets could no longer be allies. This marked the start of the Cold War as the Truman Doctrine instigated and caused the end of any form of peaceful

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