The Origins of the Species by Charles Darwin Essay examples

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Gothic fiction emerged in the late eighteenth century and it was an extension of Romanticism. The principal characteristic of Gothic is the account of terrifying situations with elements like the sublime, madness, mystery, death, supernatural and horror. But as all the literary genres it underwent a transition. In the nineteenth century, the coming of Queen Victoria to the throne, the introduction of new scientific theories, the publication of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin and industrialization modified the structures of society , its motivation, and believes. This influenced the genre, creating a new literary movement: Victorian Gothic, and therefore also the novels written in these different periods. During this era novels…show more content…
In the succeeding moment he heard his own name sounded from below. His apprehensions instantly vanished, for he distinguished the voices of madame and his sisters In this way the reader uses imagination to deduce what will occur. Moreover, the author employs diverse factors with this purpose, for instance the sound of ghostly music, inexplicable events, voices, the presence of strange figures, shadows, ghosts, and the night. Unlike Radcliffe’s works, in Dracula, suspense and immediacy are mixed in the narration because the reader find hints throughout the story that could be illogical at first, but some pages after the author uses the directness to reveal the denouement of an action. An example that can illustrate suspense is the scene following Lucy’s death. In that moment Van Helsing says to Dr. Seward: ‘I want to operate, but not what you think. […]. I want to cutoff her head and take out her heart’ , which seems a bit striking for the reader because he will not understand why Van Helsing would like to profane a cadaver until some pages further on, when it is discovered that Lucy is a vampire and this is the only way to kill her. On the other hand immediacy appears at the end of almost every chapter. The author reveals suddenly what is happening and leaves the situation in the most thrilling and tense moment arousing
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