The Orign of Bones Essay

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Haller (1763) injected a clear fluid into the periosteum showing that “the origin of bone is the artery carrying the blood and in it the mineral elements” putting forward the idea that the cardiovascular system was responsible for bone formation. This was supported by the previous work of Hunter (1754)
Pritchard (1946) studied what triggers osteogenesis: the same stimulus causing inflammation or mechanical stress. How was the study conducted? Pritchard (1946) suggested osteogenesis is a result of humoral stimulus not mechanical in relation to the skull vault.
Two groups of Lister strain of black and white hooded Norwegian rats were used. Young rats, six to eighteen month old, were used due to their rapid and vigorous cellular response. They each had incisions made through the pericranium, skull and dura mater to study bone repair with reduced blood supply to the fracture site. The fracture was created in the cranial vault as cartilage is rare in this site and there minimal mechanical factors are involved. By examining the rats at different intervals during the repair phase Girigs & Pritchard (1958) were able to support the study of Pritchard (1948) that in a healing fracture cartilage is produced due to reduced blood supply. They found that since cartilage is less demanding of oxygen it acts as a temporary bridge between the fracture gap until blood supply is restored Thiymidine was used on forty two, five week old female rats to conduct an autradiographic study the…