The Origns of the Cold War

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The divergences started amongst the year of 1947 throughout 1951. The Cold War mandated the world to select sides generating an apprehensive atmosphere. The world divided into two enormous establishments NATO and the Warsaw pact. The Cold War was not an ordinary war. The U.S. and Soviet Union arose from WWII as universal influences, activating conflicts about philosophies and nationwide safety. The rigidness between the capitalist group and the communist group triggered disagreements at home-grown countries and overseas. The cause of the cold war was the fact that U.S. was democratic and capitalist and the Soviet Union was dictatorial and communist. At the Yalta conference the four countries which were the United States, the Soviet Union, France, and Britain created the league of the United Nations, which was an intercontinental organization to promote world peace. It was agreement was official signed in June 1945. The resolution of the UN was to aid resolve disagreements between nations and avoid any forthcoming wars.
Stalin controlled portions of Europe and made communist governments there. By doing so he ruined his aptitude to permit free elections. Roosevelt and Churchill were conflicting to the extent of communism. . Europe was separated between capitalist democracies of the West and the East was controlled by Communist governments. Churchill assumed that the disunion was perpetual. He used the phrase “iron curtains” to…

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