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The Orion Shield Project: Doomed from the Get-Go Executive Summary “Projects account for about one fourth of the U.S. and the world’s gross domestic product” (Schwalbe 2012). With that said, there are many challenges and issues that hinder the ultimate success or completion of a project. So is evident in the case of the Orion Shield Project, whose execution faced issues of technical, ethical, legal, contractual and interpersonal natures. Taking on a role that assumes responsibilities in stark contrast to newly appointed project manager Gary Allison’s professional background and experience doomed the project from the start. Not only did Gary not have the experience, he failed to research and prepare himself, prior to the project’s…show more content…
Allison’s boss, Henry Larsen. Because this is a process which should occur prior to project planning, it serves as the foundation of all processes to follow. The inception of the Orion Shield project was founded on shaky ground. An ethical issue displayed itself from the very beginning when Mr. Larsen coerced, beyond comfort, Gary to accept and issue a dishonest statement regarding the successful functionality of the product. The scientific evidence, realized by Gary, suggests the inability of the Shield to operate successfully at the temperature range provided as a necessary measure by the customer, Space Technology. When a project manager does not support the project it is responsible for, the project will inevitably fail. With faith in execution comes the driving force perpetuating a project forward in compliance with milestone achievement. The process of planning seems to be almost completely non-existent in this scenario. Here is where roles of team members are defined, a scope is drafted and agreed upon by all involved stakeholders, and contractual metrics are realized and mapped out. There are various tools and techniques

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