The Orthodox Christianity Essay

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The orthodox Christianity (such as Catholic tradition) asserts that there is only one God, not three gods. Furthermore, it states that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit compose of only one God, implying that the three divine Persons are distinct in the way they relate to each other (Mere Catholicism). The Son of God, in the name of Jesus, has his main task on Earth which is to reveal the face of the Father as stated in John 14:8: "Whoever sees me, sees the Father." This suggests that everything He does is a mirror of the Father. His revelation of the Father through His prayer can be described as "reaching down into depths beyond words" (Jesus of Nazareth reading). These prayers tell the following about the Father: (1) He is a real presence that can be experienced and can be conversed with, (2) He is the source of all good, (3) Love endures until the end, and (4) He is not just someone who gives things, but someone to experience His very self. In relation to the Catholic context, there are following reasons why Catholics call God as "the Father": He is (1) the Creator at every moment we exist, (2) the Provider, (3) the Shepherd, (4), the Redeemer, freed us from sufferings for the time immemorial, and (5) the Final destiny, grounding one 's self-identity. Jesus taught that people relate to God as "the Father" as affirmed in Mt. 6:9. Furthermore, His basis of this teaching was His own experience of God as "Abba." Jesus comes from God and He is God. Furthermore, He is the
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