The Orthopedic Motor Market, Minnesota Micromotors Inc And Brushless Motor Technology

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THE ORTHOPEDIC MOTOR MARKET, MINNESOTA MICROMOTORS INC AND BRUSHLESS MOTOR TECHNOLOGY Executive Summary SIMULATION Introduction: Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. (MM): The main purpose is to use for orthopedic medical devices,by orthopedic medical surgeons in large one surgery, reconstructive and , trauma surgery and other sports medicine procedure situated in Minneapolis,sharing 9% of 317$ million US medical motor and has the manufacture of brushless direct current BLDC 1motors which has sold around 97000 motors approx. ( Exhibit 1A) By keeping focus proper customer segments The primary target is to increase the market share overall with profits in MM’s Motors in existing current market environment to direct on proper customer segments…show more content…
The current market share in this segment would MM in segment A is 19 TARGET MARKET, CUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR, COMPETITON, PRICING STRATEGY , INVESTMENT DECISIONS ANAYSIS Change in Strategy:, List price declines and in percentage sales force time increases growth for segment D can be more beneficial in short run because it will increase overall sales volume and profit much more than in case where sales force focuses more on segment A. This is overall market share of highly price sensitive customers in segment D and small volume customers is three times of segment A’s market share. So , the profit in overall is higher due to scope of much higher sales volume, even though profit margin in segment D and small volume customers is lower than that of segment A Therefore, we decided to increase sales force percentage time in segement A to 30% and for Segment D to 40%. We have lowered the price list from 142$ to 136$ and decreased sales force time percentage for segements B and C to 15% each. Problem Analysis: There is mode of buying behaviour which can redirect marketing resources for profit margin and the following parameters are as below Customer segment : Buying behaviour parameter 1, Buying behavior parameter 2| Segment A:Power to size ratio, high level of sales support required , Segment B :Thermal resistance performace , highly values market and

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