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The Other Sister is about a family with a sibling that has a developmental disability also known as mildly mentally retardation (MMR), mild developmental disability, or mild intellectual disorder (MID). Carla Tate is our main character that has MMR as a disability. She is a young women, twenty-four years old, with a slender but beautiful appearance. Carla has just graduated from a special education boarding school and is returning home to her family. Carla’s mother (Elizabeth Tate) is overbearingly protective, does not appreciate all of the abilities that Carla has acquired. Her father (Bradley Tate) is a recovering alcoholic who is sympathetic and supportive of Carla, who at the same time has to deal with his domineering wife. Carla has…show more content…
Elizabeth makes it very difficult for Carla by not supporting her relationship with Daniel. Carla experiences her first kiss with Daniel. Their relationship is sweet and very innocent in its development. Carla has many questions about sex. She refers to The New Joy of Sex book for some answers. Carla loses her virginity with Daniel. Daniel has to leave the area and go to live with his Mother in Florida. He decides on his journey that he ca not live without Carla. Daniel hitchhikes back to Carla and finds her at her sister’s wedding. Daniel proposes to Carla in front of the wedding party. Everyone is supportive of Carla and Daniel except for her mother. Carla gets upset with her mother and expresses her frustration with her by saying, “I am sick of you telling me what to do!” Carla plans her wedding with the support of her sisters and father. During Carla’s wedding, the couple recites their own vows to each other. They also try to kiss after every word the preacher says. It is very humorous in and innocence type of way. Carla’s mother comes to the wedding at the end. Elizabeth now shows support for her and Daniel. Daniel has a gift to give Carla at the end. The complete marching band including color guard and majorettes from Daniel’s School plays and marches in a parade down the street in front of the car the couple is sitting in. The movie concludes with a happy ending. The type of disability shown in the movie involves mild

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