The Other Threat Classic Faces Is In Their Billing Practices.Classic

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The other threat Classic faces is in their billing practices. Classic is a for profit group and as such bills their patients and their insurance in a fashion that sustains the company. Compared to other for profits in the industry Classic still bills on the conservative side. The threat comes from the billing practices of the not for profit programs that exist. These programs either government or hospital based. The government based programs, are subsidized by taxes or government grants. The hospital based programs can charge less for their transport service because they can make up the cost on the back end. The hospital owns the helicopter and that helicopter brings the patient back to the helicopter. So, although the helicopter…show more content…
She then flew as a nurse, a preceptor for new hires, as well as a base manager. This experience has allowed her to be a subject matter expert when it comes to providing critical care medicine in both a rotor or fixed wing aircraft. Though being an expert leader tends make a person focus more on individual success, in this case it allows her to take the ever-changing world of medicine and overcome the new problems that arise. It allows her the solid foundation to provide new tools for future issues and share those tools with her employees Due to this background in her field and due in part to her real power as a regional admin, she has a wonderful sense of focus. In his article, Bell explains the important of focus thusly saying, “Important learning is tied to focus; purposeful innovation must be as well. Leaders of innovation talk about why, not just what. They make decisions and evaluate results through the lens of alignment with focus.” (Bell, 2013, p. 44). This administrator takes this to heart. This was very true when all the medical guidelines were changed. For each change, she took the time, in a large company wide conference, to explain the reasoning behind the decisions. This is not however, the only example. She continues to focus on the individual need of the employee as she explains every policy change or schedule change. She takes the time to make phone calls, or write emails to discuss the why behind the decision and how these
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