The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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In “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates,” by Wes Moore, two boys are living in the same city, with the same name, and are in similar situations. The author of the book turns into a Rhodes Scholar recipient while the other Wes Moore is now serving a life sentence in prison. With similar backgrounds what decisions created the difference between the two boys? A major decision was made by Wes’s mother when she chose to move them out of Maryland and up to New York, “… Three weeks later, Nikki, Shani and I all stood outside our car with something like disbelief at our now empty home. This was it. We were actually leaving Maryland.”(Moore 37) This was probably one of the most influential moments in his life because he got out of the drug and…show more content…
Wes Moore lived only miles away from a boy with the same name and incredibly similar upbringings. Although they both chose to do some very questionable things as kids, they both got second chances to make things right. While Wes Moore, the author was interviewing the other Wes Moore, he states “From everything you told me, both of us did some pretty wrong things when we were younger. And both of us had second chances. But if the situation or the context where you make the decisions don’t change, then second chances don’t mean too much, huh?” This just shows that anything can change things no matter how small the incident. The major moment that I believe to have changed Wes Moore’s life is that he didn’t have any positive adult role models in his life. Even though his mother often tried to help him stay out of the gang violence and the drugs, she was unable to get through to him. After flushing the drugs he had intended to sell she said, “Not only did you lie to me but you were selling drugs and keeping them in my house! Putting all of us in danger because of your stupidity. I don’t want to hear your sob story about how much money you owe. You will stop selling that stuff. I will be checking your room, and I don’t want to ever see it in here again.” So his mother continued to try but was unsuccessful and Wes’s brother, Tony, was no help either. “Tony, who was about to become a father – making Mary a

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