The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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Throughout the novel The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, two individuals with the same name and hometown provide two different backstories that influenced their future. One became an international scholar and paratrooper while the other became a criminal who got locked up for his crimes. There are three key differences that account for how their lives diverged. Those differences are the influences their families had on them, their surroundings, and their life choices. Both of the Wes Moore’s had caring families who loved them, but only one family took action. At a young age, Wes Moore looked up to his father. He taught him right from wrong. But when Wes was only three years old, he passed away. This led his family to move to the Bronx, New…show more content…
When they were both teenagers, they did not have the best surroundings. Wes Moore eventually let the conditions around him influence his actions. He began to have academic and disciplinary issues at his new school in the Bronx. This leads to him going on academic probation. Once his dean called his mom, listing all of the things he has done, she knew it was the last straw. She decided to send him to military school, which changed his future. He meant lots of new people that will soon become his best friends and role models. He also met Colonel Bratt, who taught him the true meaning of honor and courage. The other Wes Moore also started off in a terrifying environment, but he never got away from it. His bad behavior first started when he was a child. He grew to be taller than most of the kids in his grade, which made him think he was superior. He also got advice from his older brother, Tony, on how to be tough. One day this all backfired on him, “‘ Put down the knife.’ Wes didn’t hear him. Wes continued to move towards the boy. His grip on the knife handle tightened. His forearms flexed. Send a message” (Moore 34). He believed that he needed to be like his brother, dangerous and fearless, in order to succeed. Tony wanted his younger brother to do his best and go down the right path, but he couldn’t stop him. Wes, soon, followed his brother to pursue a life of crime. They would sell drugs and beat people up. Wes had so
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