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Choices, whether small or large, play an important factor in the paths people take in life. In The Other Wes Moore, there are two men with the same name who turn out very differently; today, one is an accomplished scholar and decorated veteran, while the other is a convicted murderer serving a life sentence in prison. But they grew up in very similar circumstances; both grew up fatherless in heavily drug influenced neighborhoods and often ran into trouble with the police. In the search of finding what led him and the other man down such different paths, Wes Moore finds and shows in The Other Wes Moore that it is the choices a person makes that determines their fate in life.
In The Other Wes Moore, Moore builds his argument through
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This example also illustrates Moore’s use of bildungsroman. The book is built on the stories from each man’s formative years, so the choices they made were indicative of how they would mature. Since Moore, the author, decided to make the right decision in this situation, it shows that he would make more of the right choices where it would be easier for the other Wes Moore to make more of the wrong ones. Each choice that was made was reflective of how each man could go in life, if they kept making the type of choice that they did before. The stories Moore presents throughout his book helps him build his argument while his use of juxtaposition and bildungsroman provide readers with a clearer perspective of what he is trying to prove.
By Moore telling their stories personally, readers have a evident perspective on the character of each man. Moore is able to demonstrate that he and the other man were never completely horrible individuals, even the other Wes Moore today, despite the choices they made. One time, the other Wes Moore was making the right decisions, like trying to provide for his family. While he was in the job training program, he decided to make a small house for his daughter to protect her, which shows that he did care for his loved ones (Moore 142-143). It was when he decided to go back to using drugs that his life fell apart. His choice to go back to drugs shows that it is not his mentors or loved ones who play the

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