The Other Wes Moore And Its Consequences

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Poverty is one of the main subject matters that is present in the book of The Other Wes Moore, and its consequences are revealed through various outcomes that are being portrayed by both characters. Poverty is being characterized through the social environment that both characters live in. Both Wes Moore’s were living in an environment that had an impact not only on the way they behave, but also their psychological behaviour. “Living in the Bronx and Baltimore had given me the foolish impression that I knew what poverty looked like. At the moment, I realized I had no idea what poverty was even in rassing sense of pride tentatively bloomed in the middle of the sadness I felt at my surroundings” (Moore, 2010). Moore explains this notion of poverty when he realizes how different poverty can be depending on the country. Through this statement, the author reveals that poverty is inescapable and it exists everywhere. In comparison, Gabor Mate’s In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction book, explains the notion of poverty in a manner that demonstrates how poverty is a result of societal issues, and when problems are combined they lead to stress, anxiety as well as depression. He further establishes how every individual has a way of coping with life hardships and stressors, some choose to seek help and others try to forget about the issues in which they encounter by using drugs, and their choice frequently depends on their social hierarchy or status. “In the
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