The Other Wes Moore Critical Analysis

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Twenty-eight-year-old Anthony Frederico was fired from his dream job as a sports reporter after making the mistake of publishing an article with a racist headline. After years filled with regret over his career-ending mistake, Frederico finds new life as a Catholic priest living by the word of god (Zauzmer 1). The world is teeming with second chances and forgiveness, which is a recurring theme in the novel, The Other Wes Moore and the classic, The Scarlet Letter. The theme of second chances is supported throughout these narratives using the literary elements of imagery and stream of consciousness. The subject matter of second chances is detected in the novel The Other Wes Moore through the use of stream of consciousness and imagery. After…show more content…
Throughout the book, the characters, along with the narrator, start to notice that “Such helpfulness was found in [Hester]...” (Hawthorne 243) and the community decides to change the meaning of her sinful letter from “adultery” to “able”. The narrator uses stream of consciousness to describe how Hester Prynne was finally viewed by the Puritans in a different light, as more of a benevolent being. The idea of second chances is also supported throughout the story The Scarlet Letter through the use of imagery. In the beginning of the novel, Hester is depicted being released from the prison after serving time for her crime for adultery. For the first time, the Puritans get a glimpse of the “...elaborate embroidery and fantastic flourishes of gold thread...” (Hawthorne 55) that is her sinful letter. Hester's letter is her ultimate sin and the reason for her suffering, but it is also really her second chance. Because of her actions that led to her letter, she was able to find new love with Dimmesdale and live a life that was not controlled by her horrible husband. The use of imagery is used to describe this letter as “elaborate” and even goes on to say that it is made with gold thread, so obviously the author is trying to convey that Hester's letter is of extreme significance. By closely examining both The Other Wes Moore and The Scarlet Letter it can be concluded that both of these novels have a strong recurring theme
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