The Other Wes Moore

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“I guess it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances” (Moore 67). This is a powerfully central theme to the book The Other Wes Moore, written by Wes Moore. For the two men this book is about, it all begins with a wide-open future. The mothers that gave birth to them and the influences they had, along with their own powerful choices, sealed their fate . People don’t ever stop growing or improving and the two Wes Moore’s are no different. Throughout their lives, they are constantly changing and in some places calling the shots. One chose correctly, and one did not.
The Mothers in this book play a large influence in relation to importance of schooling for the two Wes Moore’s. AWM mother, Joy, believed in
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Education plays a huge socioeconomic role and this story is an example of that. As we find out much later, their mothers’ views on school influence the mentors and people around the two Wes Moore’s.
Mary and Joy also had different rules and expectations placed upon their sons, and their home environment was just such. Joy was much more strict on her son and tried to enforce good morals into him, even from a young age. An example of this is in the very beginning of the book when AWM hits his sister and does not realize his mistake, therefore frightened by his mother’s anger. Moore remembers his mother yelling, "Get up to your damn room... I told you, don’t ever put your hands on another woman!" (5). He later finds out that his mother had a history of abuse at the hands of her previous husband. But his mother is very wise to instill this into him from such a young age, as many parents might just brush it off saying, "Kids will be Kids". The author does indeed grow up to have an immense amount of respect and love for women, as you can tell by his book dedication. AWM was always aware that his mom was the boss, which you can tell is bittersweet for him. However, Mary was not as strict with not just OWM, but her other son Tony by a long shot. OWM looked up to and revered his brother and it is clear her has strayed from good behavior, and this has to have something to do with his upbringing. She did enjoy going out at night and the reader gets an

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