The Other Wes Moore One Name Two Fates

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The book "The Wes Moore", tells "the story of two boys living in Baltimore" who shares a similar life history within the "same black community", in addition to having identical names (Moore & Smiley, 2010). Written by Wes Moore and Tavis Smiley, it recounts the real life stories of the two "Wes Moores", the different journeys and destinies of their life. One Wes Moore ends up as a "phi beta kappa graduate of the John Hopkins University", a "white house fellow", an "army officer" and as the co-author of the book (Sragow, 2010). The "other Wes Moore" ends up as a thief, drug dealer and "a convicted killer"; a sharp difference in comparison to the life of the "lucky" Wes Moore (Moore & Smiley, 2010). As can be seen in the book, it is not luck…show more content…
The community 's role in providing important guidance and advice to the youth and ensuring negative influences such as crime and drugs are kept at bay protects the youth from leading such destructive lives. This role further reinforces the part played by family in inculcating the right values as the African Americans develop, positively influencing their ability to make appropriate decisions in their lives.

Personal responsibility in each individual 's lives is seen to make all the difference in their "final destinies" as indicated by the book (Moore & Smiley, 2010). The "other Wes Moore" makes the conscious decision of using crime in achieving his end. All the personal decisions he makes as he grows into adulthood, are based on the values he adopts along the way according to Moore and Smiley (2010), reinforcing the need to instill the correct values and attitudes in their lives at early stages of their lives. After making "four attempts to escape from the military school within a period of five days", the "lucky" Wes Moore decides to stay, focusing on performing in his study at the school (Moore & Smiley, 2010). The decision lays the foundation for success in all future endeavors as he learns to accomplish his goals with each challenge (Sragow, 2010). The change of attitude towards his situation in juxtaposition with the "other Wes Moore 's" reaction to

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