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The book, The Other Wes Moore, by Wes Moore tells a story about two men with the same name and last name but with different outcomes. The author tells his story and the other Wes Moore’s story, how they started off in the same neighborhood and made similar choices but one ended up in prison for life and the other with his freedom. There are several reasons that the two Wes Moores ended up in different situations such as the way their mothers raised them and the different choices that were made by them throughout their life as young adults. The statement that the author wrote at the end of the book is true to the extent that they both grew up in the same type of neighborhood and both were raised by single mothers. Both Wes Moores were…show more content…
I could not imagine my life without my dad so it must have been a really difficult situation for both Wes Moores to have no one to ask for advice from or have someone stand up for them. Luckily the author Wes had a lot of support from his mother and she also represented to him a father figure since he was the only male among his sisters. The author Wes said, “Intent to make some sense of the tragedy, she used the money to create a fund that would provide equipment and training to paramedics on a new procedure for dealing with respiratory or cardiac arrest, a technique that could have saved my father’s life (36).” Besides dealing with the fact that she was a single mother of three children she still managed to make a good deed in honor of her husband who could have been saved if they would have been offered that equipment and training. Unlike the author Wes’s mother, the other Wes’s mother was seeing married men and setting bad examples to her children. The other Wes’s mother, Mary, was dating a married man who interacted more with her son and cared to check up on him more than she would. Wes said, “When Wes got to the house his mother’s boyfriend, who was living with them when he wasn’t back home with his wife, was sitting in the living room, directly next to the front door (61).” Mary was being a bad influence by setting the example to Tony and Wes about not having standards if she was dating a married man. When a young adult is in
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