The Ottoman Empire And The Safavid Empire

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The Middle East is known for their notorious empires that impacted how our society is constructed up to date. Two of the most famous empires are the Ottoman Empire and the Safavid Empire. Both empires have characteristics that both famously led to the success of each empire and infamous characteristics which ultimately led to the demise of the empire.
To begin with, the Ottoman Empire was initially founded in the fourteenth century by a Sunni Muslim named Osman I. From the very beginning one of the number one goals of the Ottoman Empire was to expand. One of the ways that the Ottomans expanded their empire was with a strong military. Due to this fact, they gained popularity. Moreover, another one of the biggest keys to the success of the
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In the Safavid Empire's case Turkic leaders attempted many times to overthrow the shah. Much like Janissaries in the Ottoman Empire the Safavid Empire had young Christian born males as slaves that were forced to serve and protect the shah at all costs. The difference between the two is that Janissaries were of the Ottoman Empire, while in the Safavid Empire the young male slaves were not of the Safavid Empire. Since the people of the Safavid Empire were strictly Shi'a Muslims the young male slaves were converted and brought up as Shi'a Muslims. Ultimately, they positively contributed to the Safavid Empire by adding loyal subjects. Unlike the Ottoman Empire the Safavid Empire was a theocracy. All in all, while the Safavid Empire did not last nearly as long as the Ottoman Empire, which ended in the 1700's, the Safavid Empire was unique and famously remembered for its cultural impact.
The demise of the Ottoman Empire began in the early twentieth century. The world was beginning to become more industrialized and because of that economies were rapidly changing. The sultans were not prone to taking this into consideration and firmly believed that since the Ottoman Empire survived that long just as it was then there was no need to reinvent themselves by becoming more industrialized. Inevitably, economic hardship fell upon the
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